Reject FiveEdit

Kanade AmakusaEdit

Kanade and Chocolat met when she fell out of the sky (literally) and she stated she was sent to help break his curse. They are on friendly terms even though she eats most of his food and lazes around his house instead of doing her job of helping him. She always helps Kanade most of the time and it's pretty much said by Kanade that she can be helpful sometimes. In episode 8, when her memories briefly returned, he was amazed at how intelligent she really was. He was also amazed by her shy nature which is in contrast to the personality he was used to seeing. Though he was surprised when she stated she loved him and tried to get him to kiss her as a way to break his curse. Kanade attempted to evade this but when she lost her memories again after bumping her head he admitted he preferred her that way.

In episode 10, it is confirmed that even without her memories that she has developed strong romantic feelings for him and has jealousy of the other girls for their close association with him. When found by Kanade, she confessed her love to him as Kanade reacted in shock. Kanade was asked by Chocolat to see and love her as a real girl before asking him how he felt about her. Before he could give answer, the other girls appeared and a mission came which forced him to pick which of the three girls (Chocolat, Furano, and Ouka) to confess his feelings. But as a result of choosing the fourth option, he was forced to run away to prevent the consequences as Chocolat chased him to get his answer to her confession. When she pushes the matter again, he admits (on a open microphone) he likes her as well causing her to blush. Though he explained it was not in a romantic way as he saw her as an important person to him. While hurt he doesn't feel the same way, she wiped her tears and stated she still loved him no matter what to his relief. He is embarrassed when she reveals the microphone was on and everyone heard his words.

Furano YukihiraEdit

One of Chocolat's classmates.

Ouka YuuoujiEdit

One of Chocolat's classmates.

Yuragi HakoniwaEdit

They are shown to be on friendly terms with one another. Chocolat first met Yuragi when they were introduced to each other through Kanade.

Popular FiveEdit

Touya YoshiwaraEdit

Has a romantic interest in Chocolat.

Seira KokubyakuinEdit

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