Furano Yukihira

Furano full body

Kanji 雪平 ふらの
Romaji Yukihira Furano
Vital Statics
Age 17
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Silver White
Eye Color Deep Magenta
Height 160 cm
Personal Status
Class Class 2-1
  • Daichi Yukihira (Father)
  • Rumoi Yukihira (Mother)
Occupation Student
Light Novel Debut Volume 01
Anime Debut Episode 01
Manga Debut Volume 01
Seiyu/Voice Actor Yui Kondou

Furano Yukihira (雪平 ふらの Yukihira Furano?) is Kanade Amakusa's classmate. She is one of the people in the "Reject Five" due to her behavior.



Yukihira is a young girl with short siver-white hair and has two long bangs that frame her face, reaching the base of her neck, while the middle part of her hair almost reached her nose. On the right side of her hair, she also wears a hairclip in the shape of a woolly sheep. She has a pair of round deep magenta eyes. So far, she has only been seen wearing the standard girl's uniform.


Furano is a somewhat quiet girl with the ability to crack weird and lame jokes while keeping on a perfect poker face. Even if, for some reason, she does sometimes laugh at her own weird humor. She often inserts vulgar words and/or phrases into conversations, and sometimes goes on tangents with Kanade, and also can be difficult to get a straight answer out of.

However, deep down inside, she is just like any other girl: stressing over what she says, getting excited over cute things, and not always in full control of her emotions. Furano can also be a bit overly self-conscious; worrying about the size of her chest, wondering whether her response is decent and whether it will not drive anyone away from her.

This strange personality of her has resulted in her being put into the "Reject Five", along with Kanade and Ouka.



  • Yukihira likes cute things, such as the "White Piggy", a mascot character that she is fond of, but doesn't show this side to people she is familiar with. 
  • Her name uses the Yuki kanji for snow and the Hira kanji can mean flat/broad as in a broad expanse of snow.
  • She has knowledge of the forget all that happened in the last five minutes pressure point and always uses it on Kanade to hide her natural state though he sometimes keeps his memory.