Kanade AmakusaEdit

Throughout the series, it is hinted that she has feelings for Kanade. Constantly calling him names and more often than not insulting him, Kande puts up with her weird antics, even so they remain in a friendly relationship. The reason why she likes him is that when she tried to create a new personality, she got completely mixed up. As a result, everyone thought she was weird, however, Kanade did not mind her perverted jokes o rare antics. In her own words "he never left her behind." When she talked to White Piggy (which is actually Kanade, but unknown to her since he is in the White Piggy suit) It is revealed that one of her fears is that if she reveals her true self to him, he will not accept her and that thought scares her. Furano also tends to get jealous when seeing Kanade get too close with the other girls.


One of Furano's classmates. As with Kanade, her perverted antics are active, as she fondles her breasts and even calls her his "mascot." Chocolat's nature makes the two of them friends, but she is secretly jealous of her. Not only because she is close with Kanade, but also because she has bigger breasts.

Ouka YuuoujiEdit

One of Furano's classmates. Ouka does not mind her antics and even finds them hillarious. The 2 are part of the "Reject five" and remain on friendly terms, though Furano envies Ouka's chest and the way she easily says she likes Kanade.

Yuragi HakoniwaEdit

Furano first met Yuragi when they were introduced to each other through Kanade. She likes to be called "Onee-sama" which Yuragi does. Yuragi tends to compliment Furano but, secretly she is jealous of her, as Kanade calls her by her first name, also envies the fact that she can express her feelings for him so openly.

Ayame ReikadouEdit

Both Clash because of their breast size. Reikadou tends to mock her because not only is she a part of the "reject five" but also a "Flat chested woman." Furano fights right back and because of this they have an ongoing rivalry. After the contest however, Reikadou has a big debt with Furano as she lied about Reikadou's chest being real. When asked by Kanade, she murmurs that she understands her in a way, because she too would like bigger breasts.

Rumoi YukihiraEdit

Furano's mother.

Daichi YukihiraEdit

Furano's father.

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