Kanade Amakusa

Kanade full body

Kanji 甘草 奏
Romaji Amakusa Kanade
Vital Statics
Age 17
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Purple-black
Eye Color Amber Yellow
Height 175 cm
Personal Status
Class Class 2-1
Occupation Student
Light Novel Debut Volume 01
Anime Debut Episode 01
Manga Debut Volume 01
Seiyu/Voice Actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Ikumi Hayama (Female Form)

Kanade Amakusa (甘草 奏 Amakusa Kanade?) is the main protagonist of the story. He suffers from the curse named as "Absolute Choice".

Biography Edit


Kanade is a high school student with dark purple/black hair down to his neck, a pair of amber yellow eyes and, a pale skin complexion. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform. He is also considered as handsome by a lot of girls in his school.


Aside from the occasional outburst due to "Absolute Choice", Kanade appears to be friendly and relatively level-headed. When he and the other "Reject Five" members, Yuuouji and Yukihira were having a conversation, he tends to make more logical comments, and often points them out when they make particularly nonsensical remarks or statements. He acts as the "straight-man" in the story.

Kanade cares for his friends as he is unwilling to select missions that would hurt them in anyway shown when he helped Furano Yukihira and Ouka Yuuouji. Though he is not very popular among his fellow students, he is the object of affection for most of the girls in the Reject Five and some other girls such as Konagi Yawakaze. Kanade is unaware of the attraction he gains from the girls, once being described as the "most oblivious man on earth" by Seira Kokubyakuin.


Before he was cursed, he was known for his good looks and was very popular among the girls in his middle school as noted by Yuragi.


Just before he entered his high school days, Kanade's life has changed completely. He will sometimes receive random questions at random times in his mind, such as a multiple choice question. If refused, then he will have a sudden pain in his mind. This drives him to nickname it as "Absolute Choice".

When he is suddenly asked about whether to choose [① A beautiful girl falls from the sky] or [② Gondo Daiko falls from the sky], He chose option 1 and an unnamed girl, in which she later named herself as Chocolat, came falling from the sky and landed on him.


  • Although he is considered handsome, his random actions resulting from "Absolute Choice" have landed him in the "Reject Five".
  • Though considered weird because of his actions, Kanade really possesses a normal mindset and is one of the most rational people seen.
  • Despite his bad reputation, there are several characters that have a crush on Kanade (Chocolat, Furano Yukihira, Ouka Yuuouji, Konagi Yawakaze, one of Konagi's bodyguards and his neighbor Daiko Gondou .

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