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Ouka Yuuouji Edit

They have been best friends since their freshmen year and were in the same class. However Ouka's lack of perception and wild behavior, tends to lead the sweet and clumsy Konagi being placed in embarrassing situations.

Despite their conflicting personalities, both girls remain good friends, even ignoring their rank differences in school hierarchy to hang out with no problems. Coincidentally, both girls are shown to have romantic feelings for the same boy but don't seem to be aware of this fact.

Kanade Amakusa Edit

Despite belonging to two different factions, they are shown to be on friendly terms with one another even if his curse hampers with their interactions. During one outing with him and Ouka, Konagi was alright with him coming as she needed to get over her nervousness around boys and since he was Ouka's friend it made the situation easier. When the matter of his second mission came up, Kanade instead protected Konagi from a robber who was moving to attack her and she was worried for him before Ouka knocked the man out. It is suggested that Konagi may have developed romantic feelings for him because he protected her from harm, due to thanking him as well as smiling and blushing greatly at him after it was over.

Her feelings for him are hinted on other occasions, as while she is usually nervous when talking to other boys she is shown to be fine when talking to him, despite his bad reputation with others and strange antics because of his curse. She was even okay with him staring at her in a swimsuit at the waterpark, which showed she was comfortable around him. She was worried for him after he was woozy and confused from a ride on the roller coaster with Ouka. However, their friendship usually earns Kanade the ire of the other students notably her bodyguards while Konagi apologizes for these instances.

Kanade is unaware to her affections, but he considers her to be a sweet girl while being amazed and often guilty by her pure and innocent personality.

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Her Bodyguards Edit

It was shown in episode 4, that due to her sweet and innocent personality as well her student rank, Yawakaze has gained a group of admirers who swore to protect her reputation from being sullied. Whenever anyone or mostly Kanade gets too close to her, the guards would appear and proceed to violently beat him for believing he and Yawakaze are close friends. In episode 10, they beat up Kanade even though he did nothing to Konagi before attacking another boy who attempted to make advances on her.