Kanade AmakusaEdit

Kanade is a classmate of Ouka as well fellow member of the Reject Five. Both are good friends, however, Ouka's tendency to mock his problems because of the Absolute Choice can get on Kanade's nerves. She often notes that while he likes to do weird things, it's nothing more than a big lie and helps him sometimes. Ouka has even given him the nickname "Amacchi" which he doesn't seem to mind. Throughout the series, it is hinted that she has feelings for Kanade and is also shown that Kanade is one of the few, if not the only one who can make her embarrassed.For example, although unfazed by others who witness her usual antics of doing somersaults and kicks that exposed her panties, she is completely flustered upon realizing that Kanade looked at her underwear and even had problems talking to him the next day. Kanade is oblivious to her affections and often gets confused by her sudden changes in demeanor when this occurs.

Nonetheless he cares very much for her which was shown while they were at the water park and they go to haunted house ride where Ouka gets scared and starts to cry that he carries her, causing her to feel glad Kanade cares that much for her. She also blushed when Chocolat made note that Kanade cares about her and comforts her when she's down. She was very surprised and worried when Kanade admitted he liked Chocolat on an open microphone at the park but was relieved it wasn't in a romantic way.

Furano YukihiraEdit

Is one of Ouka's classmates another member of the Reject Five. Ouka considers Furano as one of her close friends and has given her the nickname "Furanocchi". Unlike Kanade, Furano finds Ouka's antics to be very amusing. She has shown concern for her on occassions, so they have a friendly relationship despite Furano's tendency to mock everyone. Both of them are shown to have feelings for Kanade Amakusa and both were jealous when he told Chocolat he liked her over open microphone but were relived when he said it was in a platonic way.


One of Ouka's classmates. It is hinted that she is envious about Kanade and Chocolat being rather close, but remains friendly to her. It seems the jealously exists on Chocolat's side as well which was shown after she noted that Kanade seemed very kind to Ouka before running off. Ouka seemed worried when Kanade admitted he like her but was relieved it wasn't in a romantic way.

Konagi YawakazeEdit

Ouka's best friend. Prior to the start of the series, they were both in the same class as freshmen. Ouka's lack of perception leads to Yawakaze being placed in embarrassing situations. Despite that, both remain as good friends, even putting aside their rank differences.

Yuragi HakoniwaEdit

Ouka first met Yuragi when they were introduced to each other through Kanade.

Kyouka YuuoujiEdit

The mother of Ouka. Ouka seems to look up to her to some extent, taking her advice when she says that she should only cry in front of the man she loves.

Ouma YuuoujiEdit

The father of Ouka.

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