Satsuki Himajiri

Satsuki Himajiri

Kanji 陽交 差月
Romaji Himajiri Satsuki
Vital Statics
Age 17
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Gold
Personal Status
Class Class 2-1
Nicknames Glass Beauty
Affiliations Seikou Private School
  • Student
  • Class Representative
Light Novel Debut Volume 01
Anime Debut Episode 01
Manga Debut Volume 01
Seiyu/Voice Actor Saeko Zōgo

Satsuki Himajiri (陽交 差月 Himajiri Satsuki?) is a second year student and the class representative of Class 2-1.



Satsuki is a young girl with a pair of golden eyes and very long, brunette-colored hair that is usually tied by green hairbands for both hair and is separated by each side, called a twintail hair. She also wears a pink hairclip on top of her head and a big, round-shaped glasses. She is usually seen wearing the girl's uniform provided by the school.


Satsuki is a rather quiet girl, but she can also be friendly at times. In volume 2 of the light novel, it is hinted that she might have a perverse side. This side of her is shown briefly when she wrote Chocolat's suggestion about an event of boys wrestling in swimsuits on the blackboard without a second thought.


Satsuki first appeared in volume 1 as the class representative of Class 2-1. She helps Utage by taking her place to do roll call while the latter takes Kanade to the Special Guidance Room to discuss about the havoc he was causing.

When deciding on what events to welcome the freshman, Satsuki starts accepting various suggestions from Furano, Ouka, and Chocolat. After writing down Chocolat's suggestion on the chalkboard, she continues to ask other students in the class if they have any more ideas, only to be interrupted by Seira and Souga to speak with Kanade, Furano, and Ouka about the upcoming competition between the two factions.

Following the events of the competition between the Reject and Popular factions, she asks Kanade about his situation due to the rage of the student in the class and later asks him if he is going out with either Seira or Chocolat, in which Kanade clarifies to her that he isn't going out with either girl.

In the epilogue of Volume 3, she asks Kanade on what is going on. She reveals that she didn't intend on eavesdropping, but because she was nearby hearing both Kanade and Furano arguing about being called by first name. After being given permission by Kanade to say something to him, she tells him to die, which results in being questioned. She doesn't give him an answer to his question. She asks Furano if she wants Kanade to call her by her first name, which surprises the latter. She pulls on Kanade's sleeve and asks him to call Furano by her first name.

After the second popularity vote in Volume 7, she takes the ranking for the fifth most popular female from Ayame Reikadou.


  • Even though she has appeared from the first volume, her name was revealed by the author in volume 5.